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A writer suffering from insomnia glimpses a kidnapped girl through a basement window.  Blurring the lines of reality, he becomes obsessed and ultimately attempts a daring rescue, putting him face to face with her deranged abductor.

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'Absence' in the 2009 Action On Film International Film Festival  Absence was an official selection of the 2006 Long Island Film Festival.  Absence was an official selection of the 2006 Eerie Horror Film Festival.

About The Production

Absence, a film written and directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer. It's the story of a kidnapping and how it affects three very different people in the setting of a small, New York suburb. Told from three point of views, it unfolds in three vignettes which tie a larger storyline together.

Margaret Laney bound and gagged in 'Absence'

Production on 'Absence' began in mid July 2005 and wrapped in early August. The movie was shot on 24P digital video, Super 8mm, 35mm film, and various still photos, which were implemented throughout key scenes. So calling this movie a collage of formats is an understatement. It was joint executive-produced by Kevin and Dennis' company Parallactic Pictures, along with executive producers David Sonkin and Leia Thompson, with their company HiLo Productions. It was produced by Parker Cross, and shot by Christos Chrestatos.

Margaret Laney bound and gagged in 'Absence'

Among these pages you will find information about the story, the cast, the crew and more. You'll also find tons of amazing still photos taken during the production by James Lord and as well as promo material designed by Brad Choma in our Gallery section; download camera tests, trailers, and preview clips. But mostly, you can track the progress of our film as it plows through the difficult phase of finding distribution.