maria olsen

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Maria Olsen, Our Succubus From 'Curtain' Interviewed by Backstage

Maria Olsen

Check out this article on Maria Olsen, the actress who played the Succubus in my short horror comedy Curtain.  Backstage interviewed me for this piece, so I've got a few quotes in here too.

To those outside the acting world, the work of an actor seems to be entirely what's done on stage or in front of the camera. But a big part of the work is in auditioning and submitting. Maria Olsen has embraced this aspect of her acting career. Even though she has an agent who has been finding her enough work to make any actor feel busy, she still logs on to Back Stage and submits herself to the smaller projects her agent might miss. "Every single day I look through Back Stage," Olsen says. "My agent obviously will look at the higher, full big-budget projects. But I look at the smaller projects because I believe in doing as much work as you possibly can, making connections, getting yourself out there. They're never going to submit me for a short film. But I will."

Read the full transcript st here!