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"Starry Eyes" Is Now Out On VOD and In Select Theaters!

"Starry Eyes" Theatrical Poster

How To Watch Us On Video On Demand

Starry Eyes is now out on VOD! Here is where you can find it for sale or to rent:

Rent or buy "Starry Eyes" on iTunes today!

$6.99 Rent HD
$12.99 Buy HD&nbsp » Read more

'Absence' Is Now Playing On VOD On Select Cable Operators

'Absence' VOD premiere!

Our feature film Absence, starring Margaret Laney, Eron Otcasek and Stuart Durdin, received VOD (video on demand) distibution earlier this year with Gravitas Ventures.  As a result, it had its premiere on North American TVs (On Demand, that is) on February 6th and will be playing until May 6th.  If it does well enough, it will be renewed for another cycle and may even 'graduate' to larger operaters such as Comcast, Time Warner and Optimum Cable.  

For now, if you have any of the below cable operators, there's a chance if you switch on your TV right now, navigate to the On Demand section and select New Releases, you'll see 'Absence' at the top of the list.  If so, please let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.  And better yet, if you like the film, go rate it on its IMDB page.

Here are the operates in North America showing 'Absence:'&nbsp » Read more