Identical Dead Sisters

'Identical Dead Sisters' - Short Revenge Thriller from Parallactic Pictures on Vimeo.


When nefarious pimp and suburban scumbag, Lloyd "Cutty" Crothers poured acid on the face of his best girl, Jenny Penderschmidt, just before cutting her head off, he crossed a line.  Hell, he crossed about three of them!   Because Jenny had a sister.  An identical twin sister named Edith.  And Edith is someone you don't want to incur the wrath of.  Now, with her mission before her, Edith decides to drop in on Lloyd's pool party, with the intent of avenging Jenny's murder... and maybe earning a little personal absolution while she's at it.

"All the pimp's whores... and all the pimp's men... are gonna put you and you're DEAD WHORE SISTER BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!!" - Lloyd "Cutty" Crothers

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About The Production

Identical Dead Sisters was a lesson in ulta-low budget, run and gun, do it yourself, pool your resources, shoot it on the weekend, and have fuckin' fun! filmmaking.  (that sentence was a mouthful).  The budget was about $1,000.  The co-writer/director (Kevin Kolsch) took on the role of the lead villain last minute.  We shot it in a weekend.  And we crammed about twenty set-ups into one day of daylight and were racing to get our final 'daytime' shots in as the sun was quickly setting.  Nobody thought we could pull it off.  Not even Kevin and I.  But somehow we did. 

We learned a lot from making Identical Dead Sisters.  It was inspiring to everyone involved, to say the least.  It's a flawed film, yeah.  We see plenty of things we wish we would have had more time to do properly.  Things we would have done differently.  Lines that were lost from the script.  Or shots that were lost from the shot list.  In the end, we just didn't have enough time.  But it wasn't about doing it perfectly.  It was just about DOING IT.  Fast.  Fun.  In a weekend.  CHEAP.  Everything is a learning lesson.  And the crash course excitement that was making IDS made the summer of 2008 a highlight in my life.  I urge any of you reading this to get busy and go have some fun doing something creative.

Identical Dead Sisters stars Meghan Miller, playing dual roles as Edith and Jenny Penderschmidt, twin sisters who share a strange connection.  Kevin Kolsch (the co-writer/director) stepped into the slippers as the villainous Lloyd 'Cutty' Crothers.  We met Meghan when Kevin cast her in his short film EXT. LIFE (coming next).  She was excited at the prospect of playing twin sisters - one a coke whore... the other a do-gooder.  Kevin was nervous about acting for the first time since his film school days.  But he understand the character better than anyone - a overly confident moron who thinks he's funnier than he is.   

The crew of 'Identical Dead Sisters' Meghan Miller in 'Identical dead Sisters'

Kevin Kolsch in 'Identical Dead Sisters' The crew of 'Identical Dead Sisters'

The film was shot on location in Hicksville, NY August 2008.  We then went back for re-shoots in early November.  It was shot by JR Skola (Dawn Of Man Productions) on Hi Definition video.  The only equipment we had was a Sony Z7u, a Panasonic HVX200, a 35mm film adapter, a couple of lights, and a shitty dolly (sorry, Ken) that we didn't even have time to use.  Oh, and my parents let us use their backyard pool as the main location.  ;)

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