Misc. Projects

'Boiling River:' Official Video from The Goodbye Radio (2012)

Production:  Recently, Kevin partnered up with some old friends-- a group of talented muscians who comprise The Goodbye Radio to write, direct and edit the latest single from their upcoming album. The song is called "Boiling River" and, as Kevin was given free reign with the storyline

Story: A video involving the most important issue of our time: zombie love!

Credits:  Stars Damien Maffei and Amanda Donelan. Shot by Kevin and Jamey Lord on the Canon 7D in Long Island, NY.  Special FX make-up by Lisa Forst.  Color Correction by Alex Durie.

The Goodbye Radio is:
Mike Denton - Drums and Percussion
Mike Harrison - Vocals and Lyrics
Lee Greenman - Bass Guitar
Jeff Walsh - Guitar, Keys, Arrangements

'Down The Hatch:' Fantastic Fest Bumper (2011)

Production: The theme for this year's Fantastic Fest bumper competition was 'Altered States' which means... well, I'm not really sure what it means. But I think I do. Kev pitched me an idea which was so bizarre, that I just had to see it, so I pushed him to round up the boys and go shoot the damn thing. And Kev didn't disappoint. He directed the whole thing in an afternoon and then uploaded me all the footage via FTP that night. Then all day Sunday I edited it together and we finished it in time for the Monday deadline.

Story: A distraught young man awakens from a nightmare for a very peculiar breakfast. How do you want your eggs?

Credits: Directed & Shot by Kevin Kolsch. Edited by Dennis Widmyer. Starring Jamey Lord & Joshua Chaplinsky.

'Procrastination' Commercial For LitReactor.com (2011)

Production: On October 1st I am launching a new website venture called LitReactor.com. The site will feature a writers workshop, monthly classes taught by published authors and industry professionals, and a bustling online magazine. To help promote the launch of the site, I had the idea of shooting a sort of promotional commercial. With Kevin in town that week for the Script Pipeline awards ceremony (our script 'Shed' was a finalist) we got together with Brian and cranked this whole thing out in 8 hours straight.

Story: This is the first promo in a series we have planned to cover the different obstacles writers face when committing to their craft. In it, a man deals with the writer's most teasing seductress... procrastination.

Credits: Directed & Shot by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer. Edited by Dennis Widmyer. Starring Brian James Fitzpatrick.

'Laundry Day:' Short

Production: This is a 83 sec short horror film shot with the Canon 7D. It was primarily done as something fun and fast, as a way to test the camera. We shot it in under 2 hours. No color correction. F/s jacked up to increase the darkness levels and add more contrast. Not sure what the aperture was or ISO. For equipment, we just had one zoom lens, a $100 tripod and one light.

Story: A woman encounters a strange creature in her basement while doing the laundry.

Credits: Directed by Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer. Shot by James Lord. Starring Ann Lord & Brian James Fitzpatrick.

'Ice Cream!!!:' Fantastic Fest Bumper (2009)

This was our first bumper entry for the 2009 Filmmaking Frenzy contest for Fantastic Fest. It received the most views out of any video ever hosted on the site and placed in the runner-up position of the contest.  It was shot on the Panasonic GH1 by Mike Halper. Directed by Dennis Widmyer. Written by Kevin Kolsch.  It's about an obnoxious brat who gets eaten by a sewer monster.

This bumper received the most Views out of any other video on the FilmmakingFrenzy.com contest website.


'I Is Demon Cat:' Fantastic Fest Bumper (2009)

This was our second bumper entry for the 2009 Fantastic Fest Filmmaking Frenzy contest. It's about a very bad kitty named 'Taz' who, after receiving some stern discipline, attempts to exact his fuzzy revenge!

It was shot on the Panasonic GH1 by Tarin Maja Anderson, directed by Dennis Widmyer and co-written by Kevin Kolsch.