The Girl With The Glasses In Those Rhapsody Commercials? Her Name Is Meghan Miller!

Meghan Miller becomes Rhapsody's latest spokesperson!

Whenever an actor you know gets some real exposure, it's always pretty damn cool.  Kevin and I make it a hobby as directors to keep a close eye on the careers of every actor that's been in one of our films.  If they pop up on a TV show, we DVR it.  If they're in someone's music video, we track it down.  If they land a role in a movie, we're pulling for it to do well. 

In Meghan Miller's case, what started as her casually telling us that she had flown down to Austin one weekend to shoot a few commercials for Rhapsody, evolved into much more.   I remember being a little bummed at the time, because while Rhapsody is swell and all, Meghan was so tired upon returning from the airport, that she had to bail out of a small project we were planning to shoot with her the next day.  But several months later, I think I see the big picture here, and realize just how important that little trip to Austin was for Meghan.  Because currently I can't turn on my TV without seeing another one of these 'Desmond & Molly' commercials Meghan stars in with fellow actor Branden Hayward.  Then I was on a website one day and, sitting perched in the top right corner, was the above banner.  Now look at that image and tell me Meghan Miller isn't Rhapsody's new spokesperson!

Meghan Miller search queries in our Google Analytics.

In the past month I've noticed a trend with our Google Analytics (web stats that basically tell you how people are finding your website): Meghan Miler's name, grouped together with keywords like "Rhapsody" and "girl with glasses" keeps popping up in our top 10 most searched phrases.  So in an effort to satisfy all the strangers that keep finding our website via these queries, this post will serve as an aggregate of all the Rhapsody commercials Meghan Miller has starred in, as well as some video of the films she's starred in for us.

The Rhapsody Commercials


Meghan Miller's Work With Us

We first came across Meghan during an audition process for Kevin Kolsch's short film EXT. LIFE.  Her level of talent was immediately obvious so casting her in the lead role was a no-brainer.  On set, we were so impressed by her willingness to show real vulnerability in front of the camera, that we decided to cast her in our next short (shot that same summer) titled Identical Dead Sisters.  To see a very different side of Meghan than the fun-loving 'Molly' in the Rhapsody commercials, scroll down to watch some trailers and even a full short film that she starred in for us.

Identical Dead Sisters: Short Film

: Short Film

Check out this great article on the 'Desmond & Molly' Rhapsody commercial campaign.

And for more on Meghan Miller's other endeavors, check out her IMDB page, as well as Bambi Killers, her band and stage performance show.

-Dennis Widmyer


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